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Hormone Healing
Group Coaching

Balance Your Hormones for a Regular Period and Healthy Pregnancy!

Join This 12 Week Personalized Coaching For Fertile Women Struggling with Hormone Imbalances!

Are You Ready to...

Balance your hormones, prevent mood swings, reduce headaches, get off your synthetic birth control, and set your body up for optimal pregnancy and recovery?
I get it. I've been there.
I've struggled too. 

I learned how to heal my hormones and created a plan that was easy, natural, and doable because that’s what I needed as a busy mom of littles. And now I’m ready to share everything I’ve learned with you!



Imagine If You...

  • Knew exactly how to stop your mood swings.

  • Didn't have to deal with your constant headaches anymore.

  • Had a regular period and knew exactly when your period was coming without all the painful cramps and heavy bleeding.

  • Loved having sex again!

  • Knew what was causing your weight gain.

  • Could find relief from your PCOS symptoms.

  • Could prevent pregnancy without synthetic birth control.

  • Could set your body up for the healthiest pregnancy possible.

  • Could overcome the hormone imbalances that cause Postpartum Depression


If You Are Experiencing One or More of the Following:

  • A female of fertility age who has not gone through menopause yet

  • Moodiness, easily irritable, or feel like and emotional rollercoaster 

  • Headaches and Migraines almost daily or around your period

  • Acne

  • Low or no sex drive 

  • Heavy periods, irregular periods, and crazy PMS

  • PCOS

  • Excessive bloating or constipation

  • Difficulty sleeping at night or falling back to sleep

  • Weight gain that doesn't go away despite exercise and diet

  • Or are in the postpartum season and wondering if you will ever feel "like you" again


Daisy Flowers

With Hormone Healing Coaching, You Will Learn How TO:

  • Have a regular period WITHOUT the painful PMS and heavy bleeding 

  • Prevent headaches

  • Stop mood swings

  • Enjoy sex again

  • Reduce acne

  • Get off birth control, prevent pregnancy, and set yourself up for optimal fertility

  • Get live 1:1 coaching, feedback, and strategy designed specifically for your physical needs!

Are you ready to go all in on your hormones and follow a proven, simple roadmap so you can balance your hormones and have thriving health?
This program has everything you need to skyrocket you to success…
All we are missing is you!

Having hormones that are balanced is going to be easier than you think!

It’s time to up-level your health.



Are you ready for your period to finally be regular

Want to see how it's like to have a period without the painful PMS? 

Are you ready to learn how to prevent pregnancy with 99% accuracy without birth control? 

Want to follow a simple, easy, and evidence-based plan without spending countless hours trying to figure it out yourself?

It's possible!

I know because I've done it myself!

 I remember a time when I suffered with the worst period cramps and migraines. Then, after my first daughter, I suffered from postpartum depression. However, I did not want the new form of birth control that everyone told me to try. I wanted to get to the root cause of my problems and not just slap a “band-aid” on them. So I went back to school (yes with a new baby and a toddler) for my Master of Science in Nutrition with a focus in women’s hormones, and got ProNatal Certified. 

I learned how to heal my hormones and created a plan that was easy, natural, and doable because that’s what I needed as a busy mom of littles.



Join me in Hormone Healing Coaching. A live, 12 week group coaching program to get to the root cause of your female hormone imbalances.

Get personalized nutrition advise, evidence-based stress relief and detoxification practices, accountability, and a community of like-minded, fertile females on a mission to heal their hormones. 
You will learn how to heal your body like never before!

Are you ready?


Inside Hormone Healing Coaching You’ll Get:


Dominique has her Master of Science in Nutrition with a focus in women's hormones, is a Certified ProNatal Specialist, Certified NASM-CPT, performed countless hours of research, has balanced her own hormones, and  has helped countless women rebalance their's.

Personalized Nutrition

Personalized nutrition recommendations based on your specific hormone needs, body, and goals.

Hormone Education

Each week, new modules will unlock for you to watch video course content and learn about hormones. Migraines, sex, fertility, birth control, nutrition, and much more are covered in these short, easy to follow videos personally created with you in mind!

De-Stress Techniques

Simple, and easy to follow relaxation techniques and how to implement them into your day-to-day life to better support your hormones and overall mental health.

Detox Principles

You will learn the basics behind how to properly and safely detox any excess hormones and toxins out of the body (hint: it's not by drinking a green smoothie every day...although that is good!) 

Check-In Calls

Weekly check-in calls will help you stay on track, hold accountability, and have support from other like-minded women going through similar things. Bring any and all of your questions around hormones, health, and nutrition!


Neutral Minimal 1.png
I love how Dominique teaches this from a holistic approach. I have struggled with infertility and luteal phase defect for over a decade and at this point I just want to feel better! I so appreciate Dominique sharing this all with the world! 

- Sasha

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What's Inside Hormone Healing Coaching?

I'm so glad you asked!

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When you join us in Hormone Healing, over the course of 12 weeks,
you will learn the methods on how to go from tired, moody, and not even recognizing the woman in the mirror, to feeling more energized, sexy,  and feeling like YOU again! You will learn about your cycle & hormone imbalances, and you will start to heal your root problems naturally through diet and lifestyle changes.

I promise if you are committed & follow the blueprint laid out for you - you WILL begin to heal!
 Here are some of the things your blueprint will cover!


Access to the 12 Week Hormone Healing Coaching with video lessons and guides. 

Weekly Live Check-In calls where you can ask any of your questions directly!

A Hormone Balancing Meal Plan filled with breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas created by a Master of Science in Nutrition - Yours Truly 

Supplementation and Nutrition Recommendations

Tips on how to destress and detox your hormones even with a busy schedule. 


 Plus Bonuses!!!

Your Hormone Healing Blueprint 

to get you balanced hormones!

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Phase 1

Balance Your Blood Sugar 

download (2).jpg

Phase 2 

Pinpoint Your Specific Hormone Problem 

download (2).jpg

Phase 3

Destress in Your Busy Life

download (2).jpg

Phase 4

Detox Your Excess Hormones 

download (2).jpg

Phase 5

Put It All Together for  Lasting Hormone Balance 

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You Did It!

Now go enjoy your happy hormones and regular period!

Your 12 Week Hormone Healing

  • Phase 1, Blood Sugar Balance: Weeks 1 - 3: In this phase, the focus is on stabilizing blood sugar levels. Imbalanced blood sugar can negatively impact hormone levels and overall health. The coaching involves guidance on proper nutrition, meal planning, and lifestyle modifications to promote stable blood sugar levels.

  •  Phase 2, Pinpointing Your Problem: Weeks 4-6: In this phase we will explore symptoms and patterns to pinpoint  your specific hormone imbalances, whether that is migraines, period problems, pcos, low sex drive, or postpartum depression. This phase is where you get razor-sharp clarity on your specific hormone imbalances. 

  • Phase 3, Destress: Weeks 7-8: This phase aims to address stress and identify any underlying hormone imbalances that could be caused by stress. Stress can disrupt hormone production and lead to various health issues. The coaching will involve simple stress management techniques and lifestyle adjustments. 

  • Phase 4, Detoxing Excess Hormones: Weeks 9-10: This phase focuses on detoxification and eliminating excess hormones from the body. Hormonal imbalances can occur due to factors like environmental toxins, poor diet, or liver dysfunction. The coaching includes guidance on detoxing through nutrition as well as detox protocols to support the elimination of excess hormones.

  • Phase 5, Putting It All Together: Weeks 11-12: The final phase aims to integrate all the previous learnings and strategies into an easy-to follow plan for long-term and sustainable hormone balance. It involves reviewing progress, fine-tuning dietary and lifestyle recommendations, setting goals, and creating a sustainable plan for ongoing health maintenance.

Plus the Following Bonuses!

BONUS 1: Access to my exclusively created Bakery Treats! P.S. Every treat is HEALTHY and HORMONE approved PLUS knocks in a healthy dose of protein!!

BONUS 2: Access to multiple blood sugar balancing recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

BONUS 3: Access to my exclusively created education training on "Exercise, Hormones and Your Weight Loss Goals" PLUS a personally created workout template to help you plan your exercise and hit your goals ALL while keeping your hormones happy!

You have the power to change your life.

To live to your full potential.

To take the guesswork out and say good bye to your frustration. 

What will you do with that power?


"We have worked so hard together, and I feel so proud and strong of how far I have come with YOUR help...You have helped build on strength I never knew I had."

Jessica R


"It felt so good to get out and take some time to myself! Dominique put me on such a good path of taking care of myself and trying things I never thought I would."

Olive L.

Neutral Minimal 1.png

I can't thank you enough...your program has truly changed my life. I am so much happier physically, mentally and emotionally!

Jess P

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  • Consultation Call

    60 Minutes
    Valid for one year
    • + 60 Minute 1:1 Consultation Call with Dominique
    • + Learn the Tools You Need to Begin Balancing Your Hormones
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